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Infinity Systems provides organizational effective assessments and consulting to measure and improve organizational alignment.

Have you ever felt like your team is not on your page? Do you struggle with underperforming employees or wonder how to build a team that is the right fit? Do you look for leadership building strategies that will create the results you expect?

If you would like to improve the alignment of your team members and leadership and get improved productivity, increased profit and have an overall improvement in the synergy of your business, look around our website for proven results. Utilizing our years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, education and government organizations and non-profits, we give leaders access to a tool to assess their overall organizational alignment.

At Infinity Systems, we start with Orgametrics™: a survey tool that rapidly gives you valuable and actionable data about the alignment of your team to the vision, mission or strategic plan.

Orgametrics™ provides you with a numerical score that quantifies the degree of organizational alignment (or misalignment). In our experience, we have seen first-hand that the higher degree of alignment, the greater control business leaders have over critical success factors, which lead to improved profitability and productivity across all industries.

Orgametrics™ allows you to measure and improve your overall Organizational Alignment and identify the specific components that are strengths or opportunity areas for your organization:

By establishing the baseline Orgametrics™ score, we can build a strategy, helping you not only improve your overall Organizational Alignment, but also improve the performance of your organization as you work toward your goals.