Operational  support

Infinity Systems Operations is focused and aligned with our customer needs. We serve clients that strive to develop their people, improve their processes and enhance their organizations. When leaders choose Orgametrics™, they entrust us with their people, the most important assets in their organization. We take that trust very seriously, and we are in contact with our clients every step of the way. We have created processes to ensure an efficient and effective delivery.



First, we provide communication to introduce and ensure the survey process is clearly understood by all members of the organization.


Deployment/Data Collection

Next, we build a survey, tailored for each organization. We deploy it based on their specific timeline, while focusing on all of the important steps to ensure a successful launch.


Data Review

Once the data is collected, we create detailed reports and review results with the organizational leaders to provide Alignment scores (overall and by component).


Best Practice Recommendations

Finally, we provide recommendations for our clients based on the results we’ve reviewed with them. Each leader is equipped with a clear set of tools to help them improve in the areas that have been identified and discussed in detail.

Our clients’ goals are supported throughout our entire process, from the initial steps of building and deploying the Orgametrics™ survey, through our customized Service Delivery Solutions. Alignment begins with Operations. It is our job, not only to show important data to the leaders we work with, but to provide impactful solutions to ensure their success on team and organizational goals.


Infinity Systems Service Delivery is focused on delivering outstanding quality and value to our customers.

We utilize the vast experience of our consultant teams to deliver creative and insightful outcomes for our clients. We have an intense commitment to improving organizational alignment.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and the goals they aim to achieve, in doing so, we ensure we are aligned to help them bring about the changes they seek.

We have strength and depth in leadership development, communication, change management, coaching, facilitation, & empowerment to name just a few of the areas we excel in.