We serve organizations across many industies and in both the private and public sectors. Here are some Orgametrics™ clients sharing their experiences:

Why is Alignment Important in Education?


Dr. Joe Gothard, Superintendent of ISD 191, shares his experience using Orgametrics™, why it was important for his district (and all school districts) to measure their Alignment in order to understand what resources they would need to apply and where they needed to be applied.

Why Infinity Systems? Why Orgametrics?


Chris Roberts of Cargill explains the value of using Orgametrics™ to measure their Alignment in an ongoing strategy to continue making progress.

Can Orgametrics Accelerate Strategic Plan Execution?


Rich Wagner shares his experience on how Orgametrics™ made a difference. Their process helped the organization assess and improve upon their Alignment, enabling them to improve on areas of weakness while continuing to make gains in areas of strength.

Case Studies

For a large Medical Device Company, over the past 10+ years, competition has become formidable and the

company’s legacy sales force has not evolved to meet the challenge. The strategy to maintain higher pricing while gaining market share was conflicting and the organizational structure was not keeping pace with customer expectations. Leadership has been promoted based on past performance, yet the marketplace is changing faster than the leaders can evolve.

The field sales force is challenged by the complexity of customer needs, a conflicting corporate message and legacy behavior that has created false confidence.

As growth has stagnated in key business units, how might this company get back to double-digit growth in this flat to declining market? How might this organization demonstrate greater productivity in the face of record Employee Engagement Scores?


This medical device company was able to realize 13 percent year-over-year growth in a flat market within eight months of introducing Orgametrics. Employee turnover decreased more than 30 percent with restored trust and confidence in leadership. Sales forecast accuracy improved 20 percent which lead to significant supply chain cost savings. The new strategy allowed for greater creativity in customer solutions resulting in a higher level of service. The field sales force was able to deliver hard cost savings of nearly $1M/month in inventory management. Significant market share was gained while holding prices steady. Furthermore, the behavior changes resulting from Orgametrics became the driving force for real change and consistency into the future.