Debut Book Catches the Eye of Amazon’s Hot New Releases

Our Founder and CEO, Art Johnson, released a book called The Art of Alignment on February 23. We’re so happy that it’s already been recognized by Amazon as a top new release. Here is the press release for the book.

Art Johnson’s debut book The Art Of Alignment (Made for Success, February 22, 2021) found itself in the spotlight of Amazon’s Hot New Releases category for Business Systems & Planning during the week of February 22nd, the book’s launch week.

In light of the recent glaring examples of what happens when a company or organization is misaligned (Robinhood, Melvin Capital, Seattle Mariners… The list goes on), the recognition and apparent need for Art’s new book may not come as a surprise.

The Art of Alignment takes a data-driven approach to organizational alignment. When executives add PURPOSE to engagement, coupled with a healthy dose of measurement and strategic implementation, an organization will experience market-leading performance. And as an added bonus, forgo crippling class-action lawsuits and sticking the proverbial cleat in the mouth.   

Through years of working with government organizations, school districts, fortune 500’s, Art Johnson identified 9 areas of business that when neglected causes corporate confusion, delayed product launches, unsuccessful policy rollouts, and a multitude of disgruntled employees.

This spurred the concept of the 9-Pillars of Alignment. Here’s something that the late Larry King had to say:

“The key to great interviewing is listening—concentrating solely on the answer to be sure you’re aligned with your guest. The same is true for great business leaders. Art’s guide for gaining greater alignment can help any team or organization achieve top performance.”

—Larry King, the world’s most recognized interviewer

By following the 9-Pillars approach to leadership, an organization can increase key metrics by as much as 28%. Adopting a scientific approach to leadership allows leaders to visualize how to improve employee engagement and performance.