Infinity Systems

Infinity Systems strives to promote organizational alignment and DE&I through our Orgametrics and Equimetrics products.

Empowering Leaders, Aligning Organizations and Driving Results

What We Do

At Infinity Systems, we provide surveys that help find gaps in an organization’s overall alignment toward its mission, as well as the strength of its employee culture through DE&I. We then work with you to create a plan on improving your company’s success by improving in these areas.

Companies that have strong organizational alignment and a diverse and inclusive workforce often outperform their competitors financially and have happier employees.

Listen below to this description of Infinity System’s services as told by CEO Art Johnson on a podcast by Bloomberg Black Business Beat.

Our History

Infinity Systems was founded by Art Johnson when he realized the importance of alignment. Throughout his career, as a leader in multiple Fortune 500 companies, Art realized that the more teams understood the mission and vision of the organization, the better they performed. It sounds simple, but he measured and found that the further away people were from the central offices, the less they understood and focused on the mission of the organization. This was what came to be known as Alignment.

While organizations around the world are measuring engagement, they are missing an important step. Many employees are engaged, but they are often engaged in the wrong activities. When Art founded Infinity Systems, he wanted to show not just that employees are showing up and have a general idea about the mission statement, but to show in specific detail, how aligned an organization is. How leaders are communicating the purpose of the organization. How the organization’s purpose is being brought to life through day-to-day actions. In other words, Alignment = Engagement + Purpose.

At Infinity Systems, our mission is “Empowering Leaders. Aligning Organizations. Driving Results.” Our tools, Orgametrics and Equimetrics, help leaders quantify their culture and provide actionable data to ensure that their teams are aligned and moving in the right direction toward their goals.

Art Johnson

Meet the Team

Our team of professionals, lead by CEO Art Johnson, work to make Infinity Systems the incredible organization it is today. Meet our Orgametrics and Equimetrics teams

The Art of Alignment

Art Johnson, CEO of Infinity Systems, outlines his approach to leading aligned organizations in his Wall Street Journal Best Seller The Art of Alignment.

The Art of Alignment book by Art Johnson