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To succeed, the modern organization needs to be aligned and centrally focused on its goals, while also embracing the diversity and cultural competency of its team. Infinity Systems focuses on two main products: Orgametrics to measure an organization’s alignment, and Equimetrics to measure its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) culture.

About Infinity Systems

Infinity Systems is made up of Orgametrics and Equimetrics, two systems aiming to improve company alignment and company DE&I respectively. Through Infinity Systems organizations can use surveys to measure these factors, analyze the metrics, and come up with comprehensive solutions for improvement.

Orgametrics uses assesments, planning, and analytics to help improve an organizations alignment with its mission, vision and/or strategic plans. Aligned, effective organizations release better products and services, outperform like organizations in key metrics like sales and customer/citizen satisfaction, and fulfill their mission and vision more effectively.

Equimetrics applies modern, advanced analytics enabling organizations to measure their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) cultural baseline and monitor their progress toward DE&I strategic objectives. With Equimetrics, clients can see precisely how and where their DE&I efforts are aligned with their goals, strategies, mission and values.

Places We’ve Served

With success stories from across the United States, Infinity Systems has helped many organizations in a number of different industries expand their potential through Orgametrics and Equimetrics.

The Art of Alignment

Art Johnson, CEO of Infinity Systems, outlines his approach to leading aligned organizations in his Wall Street Journal Best Seller The Art of Alignment.

The Art of Alignment book by Art Johnson

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