Orgametrics strives to maximize society’s human potential. We believe there’s inherent untapped capabilities in all of us and our organizations by driving more effectiveness and greater alignment with mission, vision and/or strategic plans.

Orgametrics can help your organization find areas of misalignment, where the overall vision and direction have been lost. Misalignment in a company keeps you from reaching your full potential, and drags down production, communication, and success.

Working toward alignment keeps all teams involved and informed, and sets them in the right direction for the organization to run smoothly and work toward shared goals.

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History of Orgametrics

Orgametrics started through the efforts of its CEO, Art Johnson. Through Art’s time with companies such as IBM, US West (CenturyLink) and Medtronic, Art realized, in order to drive real organizational effectiveness, he needed to better align his organization to its Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. He noticed how intentional and consistent words and actions to align his organizations drove effectiveness and performance to market leading levels.

Art wanted to develop a tool to that could measure how aligned and effective teams were so other organizations could benefit from greater effectiveness. Soon, clients were asking to not just assess their teams, but help them with the improvement process. Because it’s one thing to know where there are issues; it’s another thing altogether to commit to the work to align an organization, drive its effectiveness and tie those efforts to internal performance measure that matter.

What is Alignment?

Alignment in an organization means that all members of the team are working together toward a common goal, vision, or mission. Think of alignment as a rowboat, and to be successful all rowers must be going in the same direction.

What does it mean to be misaligned?

The overall mission is lost, and rowers are hitting oars together and getting in each others way. They are all trying to move forward in the directions they were told, but it is a different direction for all of them.

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What does it mean to be semi-aligned?

The message of the mission is a little off, so the boat is moving in generally the right direction, but slowly and not efficiently.

rowboat showing Orgametrics semi-alignment

What does it mean to be aligned?

Leadership has made the mission clear and concise, so it is understood by the team. The boat is moving along quickly and efficiently toward the finish line.

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Learn More About Orgametrics


Our Orgametrics surveys help you answer questions about your organization’s alignment, and find areas where communication and productivity are lacking.


Metrics that Matter

At Orgametrics, we seek metrics-driven results. We will create a comprehensive plan for your organization moving forward to improve commitment to mission and vision.



At Orgametrics, our consultants work with leadership and employees through training, seminars, and education to teach better alignment practices and communication throughout the organization.



Through Infinity Systems, our CEO Art Johnson schedules speaking engagements regarding organizational alignment and DE&I culture.


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