Law Enforcement

The broad mission of law enforcement has expanded well beyond public and department safety to include protecting and strengthening community relationships, public perceptions and respect for those who serve.

Alignment and Purpose

The Equimetrics and Orgametrics surveys from Infinity Systems can help your sheriff’s office pinpoint areas where communication and leadership may need improvement, as well as create a comprehensive plan to improve upon those areas.

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Alignment and Purpose

The Equimetrics and Orgametrics surveys from Infinity Systems give your police department specific areas to improve upon for both alignment within the department and improved diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) culture.

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How Equimetrics Can Help

Having a workforce that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) improves the quality of team members and the work they produce, leading to positive outcomes to both law enforcement officers and the public they protect.

How Orgametrics Can Help

Sheriffs and Police Chiefs want to ensure public and officer safety as well as achieve superior agency performance. Through Orgametrics®, they create alignment and shared vision of best practices that result in greater officer satisfaction and community support.

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Why Orgametrics for Law Enforcement?

View some of our videos that include information about Orgametrics, interviews with team members, and testimonials from law enforcement agencies that have benefitted from partnering with Infinity Systems to improve their DE&I culture and organizational alignment.

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