Orgametrics Surveys

Our surveys can help us find gaps in your organization’s alignment toward mission and vision and show us the areas where we can help you improve.

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The Orgametrics Process

The Orgametrics Process is what we use to support our clients’ efforts to gain greater alignment to mission, vision, and strategic plan. Focused on the evolution from employee engagement, alignment allows organizations to do more with less and tie increases in alignment with better performance.

Metrics that Matter

With Orgametrics, we don’t just stop with survey results. We use those result to create a customized plan for your organization to follow, and an easy way to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can see positive changes as a result.

employees discussing Orgametrics surveys
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The Orgametrics Assessment

We start with our proprietary Orgametrics Assessment, finding where and how misalignment exists in an organization. Next, we communicate findings and our insights to leadership as they deem appropriate. From there, the process becomes more flexible based on how ready our clients are to embark on an alignment journey.

How Orgametrics Can Help

Post-survey services are tailored to the needs of the individual organization, but include:

  • Development of Journey Maps to provide a path forward
  • Seminar and workshop delivery to help leaders better understand alignment concepts
  • Cohort and individual coaching of leaders to help them implement their journey map
  • Analytics services to demonstrate correlations between changes in alignment and changes in performance to key metrics that matter
  • Comparison of alignment and performance to like organizations and functions including implementation of best practices
Employees viewing Orgametrics surveys

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