Equimetrics applies modern, advanced analytics enabling organizations to measure their DE&I cultural baseline and monitor their progress toward DE&I strategic objectives. With Equimetrics, clients can see precisely how and where their DE&I efforts are aligned with their goals, strategies, mission and values.

U.S. companies spend approximately $8 billion annually on diversity training, yet how do they know whether this investment is successful?

With Equimetrics, an organization gains critical, direct data-driven insight about its diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) culture and performance that would otherwise be inaccessible and unavailable to guide subsequent improvement efforts.

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History of Equimetrics

Equimetrics started through the efforts of its CEO, Art Johnson. Through Art’s time with companies such as IBM, US West (CenturyLink) and Medtronic, Art realized, in order to drive real organizational effectiveness, he needed to better align his organization to its Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. He noticed how intentional and consistent words and actions to align his organizations drove effectiveness and performance to market leading levels.

Art wanted to develop a tool that could measure how aligned and effective teams were so other organizations could benefit from greater effectiveness. Soon, clients were asking to not just assess their teams, but help them with the improvement process. Because it’s one thing to know where there are issues; it’s another thing altogether to commit to the work to align an organization, drive its effectiveness and tie those efforts to internal performance metrics that matter.

What is DE & I?

DE&I is diversity, equity, and inclusion. Having increased DE&I in a workplace leads to more employee engagement, higher creativity, improved workplace culture, and improved organizational success.

Celebrating Our Differences

Diversity includes all the ways in which people can differ, including race, gender, age, beliefs, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, and mental capabilities.

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Fair Treatment and Opportunity

Equity ensures that all employees have equal opportunities for advancement and participation, and removes any barriers that may prevent it.

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Open to All

Inclusion means that everyone feels invited to participate. It creates a culture where everyone knows they are welcome to contribute and that their ideas are important.

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Equimetrics and Omotenashi

Equimetrics allows clients to see precisely how and where their DE&I efforts are working and “around the corner” insights to anticipate employees’ future needs and interests.

It’s an approach based partly on the highly regarded Japanese hospitality practice of omotenashi, which involves anticipating and fulfilling guests’ needs in advance.

DE&I initiatives are similarly about having a person-first view. Our omotenashi commitment to you means anticipating and delivering on your unique DE&I needs.

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Learn More About Equimetrics


At Equimetrics, our surveys help measure your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) culture.


Metrics that Matter

At Equimetrics, we seek metrics-driven results. We will create a comprehensive plan for your oganization moving forward.



At Equimetrics, our consultants work with leadership and employees through training, seminars, and education to teach them how to implement DE&I culture successfully.



Through Infinity Systems, our CEO Art Johnson schedules speaking engagements regarding organizational alignment and DE&I culture.


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