Equimetrics Surveys

The Equimetrics surveys will measure your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) culture and help pinpoint specific areas that need improvement.

Striving for DE&I Culture

One of the biggest hurdles to improving DE&I culture in a workplace is not lack or interest or funding, it is because those in leadership positions simply don’t know how. Equimetrics surveys can clearly show where it is that DE&I efforts are lacking, and using that data a clear plan can be constructed moving forward.

woman studying Equimetrics survey
Group of people looking at Equimetrics surveys

A Strong Workforce

Employee recruitment and retention is a huge part of an organization’s success because it results in a strong workforce that understands the goals of the business and works hard toward them. Organizations that put focus on improving DE&I in the workplace have happier employees who enjoy their work culture and feel a stronger connection toward the mission and vision of the organization.

Metrics that Matter

The Equimetrics surveys give clear results as to how your organization’s DE&I efforts are aligned with your goals, strategies, mission and values. Equimetrics then provides
clear indicators on where and how to improve DE&I culture, and follow-up
assessments to measure organizational progress.

Employees with Equimetrics surveys
Employees looking at an Equimetrics survey

Best Practices & Ecosystems

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Normative Data

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Equimetrics surveys being viewed on tablet

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