AFILA GROUP – Giving Leadership White Space

We’ve presented our alignment work to Afila Group members in the past and had solid discussions on how their sales, marketing and product executives can help align their organizations to mission and vision.

They recently wrote a blog post about allowing creating white space in how you lead. It’s a good read.

From an alignment perspective, when you actively work to allow others on what gets created, several key alignment constructs are enhanced.

Communication within and across teams is enhanced as the collaboration to take advantage of the opportunity is required.

Creativity is developed because, if there are common threads from which to work, the others working on the project bring their unique perspective. They strengthen the end product, but also build themselves as they learn from others.

Best practices are built because of the interaction and honing from multiple sources.

Joint accountability – one of the areas we regularly see as lacking in organizations – rises because people are engaged together and work with one another to do good work.

Development is, by the very processes, enhanced greatly.

Our previous posts about Mars Inc. provide a good example of how providing white space allowed them to create something successful, long-lasting and leveragable.

Ask yourself if you are hogging the canvas, or if you are providing room for others to put their vision on what gets accomplished.