Super Bowl – Team Alignment Starts in the Trenches

It’s Super Bowl time again. We at Orgametrics are tied intimately to team sports and how those examples fit so well into the business world.

Last year, we wrote three articles about the Super Bowl, including this one about offensive lines and how those players demonstrate joint accountability. We wrote another one about how the various ‘tribes’ of a team need to work together and how New England’s choice to bench a top defensive back just before the game may have doomed them.

An article written by Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a solid article about offensive lines and how they don’t need to be filled with the highest-priced talent, but with solid players that work together here.

A team doesn’t need to get the highest-priced or rated talent. They need to find the talent that will perform the best for what they want to get done. A team can’t afford to have the highest priced talent for every role; compromises need to be made.

The key is how an aligned culture that stresses performance to a standard, with the right processes, communication, empowerment, accountability and so many other aspects mesh together to create a high-functioning team.

New England has demonstrated that type of performance for years, across the organization, like it or not. Even with that, one decision may have cost them this year.

Let’s see if they can learn from that mistake and take care of business this year.