Podcast – Interview with Key Hubs CEO Vikas Narula on Informal Leaders and Networks

Vikas Narula, Founder and CEO of Key Hubs, focuses his energy on helping organizations understand who the influencers and informal leaders and how they can leverage that understanding to help communication and sell their mission, vision and strategic plans. The image above represents what his reports look like initially and then after work to strengthen […]

Podcast – Aligned Empowerment and Accountability Defined

Our last podcasts in the series defining the constructs of organizational alignment covers aligned empowerment and accountability. These two constructs are completely dependent on other constructs to improve for these areas to get better. Why’s that? Well, you just can’t go and say, “You are more empowered, or we’re going to hold each other more […]

Inc. – 6 Leadership Skills you Should Practice Daily

This Inc article from April 2018 outlines 6 leadership skills you should practice daily for them to rave about you. We see these less as skills and more as philosophies or attitudes. The six listed are being able to: Display authenticity Value others as workers and human beings Grow your people Provide direction Share leadership […]

Quartz: GM’s Current CEO Changed their Dress Code to 2 Words in 2009

When current General Motors CEO Mary Barra was VP of HR in 2009, one of her first decisions was to change the dress code from 12 pages to 2 words…’dress appropriately’. This article tells that story quite nicely. During this time of great crisis for GM, when companies look to control movements more tightly, Mary […]

How the Wells Fargo Scandal Relates to Decisions you Make Everyday

Wells Fargo’s banking arm has been immersed in scandal over the last several months because of decisions leadership and employees made with creating fake accounts to meet overly-ambitious sales goals.┬áMany people, from sales leaders who complied and became complicit in the lie, to HR who didn’t look at the voluntary and involuntary attrition of salespeople […]