Podcast – Misadventures in Aligned Product Development

I had the pleasure of talking with Jane Casto, CEO of Stir Creative Drive. Jane has been a product leader in such companies such as Ecolab, 3M and Imation. She now helps small and medious-sized companies become more aligned with their product development processes. She’s seen many companies that have leaned on one major product […]

Podcast – 3Ms CTO John Banovetz on Leadership, Teamwork and Innovation

I’ve known current 3M CTO John Banovetz since 1984. We were basketball teammates at Hamline University where his job was to score and my job was to make it as tough on him to do so in practice every day. Through our experience together, we developed not only a lasting friendship, but also a great […]

Build Creativity and Innovation by Blending Experts and Non-Experts

I came across a quote from author Bob Sutton that read, “At places where intense innovation happens, they often combine people who know a little with people who know too much. The tension between massive knowledge and fresh thinking can spark a fundamental breakthrough.” This statement got me thinking about how many organizations handle brainstorming, […]

Aligned Leaders and Organizations Foster Nobel-worthy Creativity

Frances Arnold was just named a co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on ‘directed evolution’. What Frances and her colleagues did was use standard evolutionary processes we’re all used to and accelerate that evolution to develop chemicals for the benefit of mankind. One of the more interesting aspects of this, […]