Podcast – Misadventures in Leading by Fear and Intimidation

In USA Basketball coaches training, they discuss the distinction between power and trust in the coach-player relationship. The coach, always, has a level of upper hand power. This could be seen in playing time. But, it also shows itself in the way the coach treats the player and communicates with them. Coaches can exercise a […]

BUSINESS BACKER – 10 Proven Ways to Build Trust

We came across this infographic by Business Backer that resonated with us and wanted to share. One of the questions on our OrgametricsĀ® Assessment asks about the degree you trust leadership. Trust in leadership within an organization is critical for alignment and success. This infographic gets into some tactical things you can do to build […]

Employees Aren’t Valuing your Ideas Because you Aren’t Valuing Theirs

How many times have you been presented with a plan of action and knew from the start that it was doomed to failure? How many times have you been part of a planning team and, midway through the process, a person from outside the group brings something up that completely changes the way it needs […]