Transformational Leaders Want Aligned Organizations, or They Leave

Transformational leaders don’t just see what’s right ahead of them. They don’t simply look to check boxes off their to-do list.

Transformational leaders understand where they are currently, how they and those they work with got to where they are can look into the future into what is possible.

Transformational leaders look to mold empowered and impactful people that do great things, and have fun.

Transformational leaders see what ails organizations, without specific judgement or blame. They see the areas of misalignment and attempt to see how they can have an impact on that state of being, even if only within their sphere of influence.

Transformational leaders will leave an organization that refuses, or is unable, to connect itself more effectively to its mission and vision. They wish to have more impact.

If you see a leader who seems to be making an impact on the organization, get close to that person. Learn how they do it and how it differs from how you do things. Determine how you can progress from handling transactions and list completion and actually lead. Practice how you can bring more of that transformational leadership throughout your organization, so you can keep the good ones and make new ones.