Podcasts – Aligned Communication, Creativity and Best Practices Defined

As part of our podcast series on defining the various constructs of alignment, this post has three separate podcasts which define aligned communciation, aligned creativity and aligned best practices.

While all of the constructs of alignment connect with one another and need to be in harmony to have strong impact, these three constructs fit very well together to drive a culture that connects to mission and vision and leverages the capabilities of an organization to innovate and grow.

As with the other Aligned constructs defined podcasts, there will be some defining of the concept, an example of how it can be practiced as well as some questions for you so you can ponder how the construct might apply to you and your organization.

Aligned Communication

Obviously, communication plays a central, key role in the functioning of an organization. Many believe they have established practices to communicate what is happening in teams and organizations. For example, law enforcement agencies talk regularly about what’s happening on the street or various trainings are happening.

However, there’s more to aligned communication than that. Are stories being told about how mission-driven behavior is being demonstrated? Is there a common frequency at which all departments can communicate to leverage their resources and resolve conflicts? This episode touches on such subjects.

Aligned Creativity

Creativity flows off of communication. However, it’s more than that. Creativity is a mindset as well as a process that encourages ideas from all corners of the organization and empowers (a subject of a future podcast post) those that help bring forth and develop ideas.

An open, creative process that ties to mission and vision can allow for not only a great deal of costs savings and productivity gains, but bring forth ideas that can transform your organization.

Aligned Best Practices

Many times seen as ‘Innovation’, Best Practices is set in the framework of a ‘culture of learning and growth’. Best Practices bring forth a level of humility – from the organization in that it can constantly improve as well as from leaders in that they don’t know everything and can constantly hone their craft pertaining to leadership.

Aligned best practices depend on communication and creativity to become engrained in a culture. If there’s no openness to creative ideas and poor communication pathways to explore those ideas and tie them to mission and vision, innovation suffers greatly.

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