Podcasts – Aligned Leadership, Teamwork and Development Defined

This post outlines three more of our Organizational Alignment Constructs Defined series within our podcast The Misadventures in Organizational Misalignment by addressing Aligned Teamwork, Leadership and Development.

Just like our previous post on aligned communication, creativity and best practices, as well as the posts on Aligned Mission and Vision and Organizational Alignment Defined, we have three separate podcasts that define the construct, provide some real world examples of how it can be applied in an organization and some questions for you to help provoke thought and discussion.

Aligned Leadership

Leadership is expected to take the mission and mission of an organization to develop a strategic plan to serve as a roadmap to achieve that mission and vision. How aligned leaders across functions and departments are will translate to how aligned the organization will be. Utilizing the tools discussed in the Mission and Vision and Communication podcasts, they can set the organization on a course towards success, stagnation or failure.

Aligned Teamwork

The teamwork podcast discusses both teamwork within your team as well as across teams. Statistically, teamwork within your team cannot be improved without improvements in several other alignment constructs such as communication, leadership and development. While teamwork across teams can be improved independently, improvement really comes forth when communication of the common frequency of the mission and vision. It’s at that point where the shared purpose allows teams to work collaboratively to reach joint goals.

Aligned Development

Development pertains to providing the tools and training for employees to be able to perform their tasks as well as for them to gain skills that will assist them in their careers.

One of the main development areas around Organizational Alignment is the Development of aligned leadership fundamentals that allow not only the leader to become more impactful but to expand the capabilities of all employees through aligned leadership practices.

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