Podcasts – 9 Issues Leaders Face that are Really Related to Organizational Misalignment

We talk with a lot of leaders about the questions they regularly ask themselves about their business. As we dig into these questions with them, we see the underlying issues they are facing aren’t laying at the surface, but deep in their culture. They have significant misalignments in their organization. In various ways, they are not well connected to the mission, vision and strategic plan.

Whether the issue is employee turnover or lack of inter-team collaboration, practicing better organizational alignment will alleviate a large amount of these issues and place leaders on a faster path to success.

This is a 3 part series into 9 different issues leaders face that are really related to Organizational Misalignment.

Please leave a comment for us either with insights on these issues, or to pose your own issue. We’d love to address what you are facing because, obviously, these 9 issues are not the only ones leaders have.

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