Podcast – Misadventures in not Seeing Societies Issues In Light of USA Mission and Vision

We at Orgametrics have had a lot of conversations about the social unrest that’s been happening in our country in 2020. As a minority-led and owned business based in Minneapolis, we were hit really hard with the killing of George Floyd and the resultant protests and damage to our communities. We wrote about our initial feelings in this post.

The continued unrest, including the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha WI, shootings by a white supremacist of protesters there, protests and riots in Portland OR, and protests around the country after the grand jury annoucement in the Breanna Taylor case has solidified our feeling that we need to use our platform to speak about what is happening…in a way that connects with our mission and our expertise.

Our mission is to maximize human potential by aligning organizations, developing leaders and measuring results. When we look at what is happening in our society through the lens of mission and vision, it’s clear to see we’re not healthy, nor are we maximizing our potential.

This podcast will be the first in a, generally, monthly series of discussions around events going on in our society through a lens of alignment to mission and vision. We’ll be looking to put a business lens on the discussion in the hopes that such common ground may allow people to detach from the emotion of the situation and receive the content in a frequency they can receive.

We welcome constructive feedback and conversation through this process.

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