Podcast – Misadventures in Taking Survey Answers Literally

Employee engagement surveys have been the standard for organizaitons to measure employee sentiment for decades now. However, the structure of these tools beg for organizations, and I’ve been part of the post-survey process, to look at issues at the team level and try to address specific, question-driven feedback.

Of course, there are some larger issues around compesation and physical work environment that are looked at on a high level. However, the real cultural issues around communciation, innovation, trust in leadership and connection to mission and vision are either looked at on a very granular level or not addressed much at all.

Looking at these symptoms when there’s a disease going on (low scores indicate much larger issues happening) defeats the purpose of work to make the organization healthy.

In this episode, we look at our organizational alignment survey and how it puts organizations in a place where they can ask the right questions of themselves and then put in the work to develop capabilities and capacities that will help the entire organization.