Podcast – Are you Leading to Build Other Aligned Leaders

Leading others is, mostly, an acquired skill. Leading others in an aligned manner is a higher level skill. Leading in a manner that builds and nurtures leaders to lead in an aligned manner demonstrates, arguably, the highest form of leadership capacity. To build an aligned organization, leaders need to build the capabilities of other employees, […]

FORBES – Setting Intentions vs. Goals

This is an interesting post about how successful people set detailed intentions versus goals. The post states that goals are either accomplished or not. Adding intentions with those goals allow for one to stay aligned with values and sets a focus on growth. Working towards greater organizational alignment is a process that has specific goals […]

Harvard Business Review: How to Manage an Insecure Employee

Your team has a bunch of personalities. Some are strong-willed go-getters, some are new and are unsure of themselves. Some may be regularly insecure. This article from Harvard Business Review is a nice overview on some ideas to consider while managing an insecure employee. Our take? We are all insecure about handling certain things. All […]

3 Key Ways March Madness Teams Teach Us About Our Own Organization

This year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament has been filled with a lot of surprises and great stories. One of the main themes from the last few weeks is that smaller schools – mid-major teams – can beat the big teams. More importantly, teams with talent and connectedness as a team will beat squads that rely […]