How to Align HR Strategy to Business Strategy

Organizations that are aligned to mission and vision have departmental strategies and initiatives that tie to the overall business strategy. Human Resource strategy is one of the most important strategies as its impact spans across every role and department. However, in order to be truly effective as a binding force for real alignment, HR needs […]

Harvard Business Review: How to Manage an Insecure Employee

Your team has a bunch of personalities. Some are strong-willed go-getters, some are new and are unsure of themselves. Some may be regularly insecure. This article from Harvard Business Review is a nice overview on some ideas to consider while managing an insecure employee. Our take? We are all insecure about handling certain things. All […]

Quartz: GM’s Current CEO Changed their Dress Code to 2 Words in 2009

When current General Motors CEO Mary Barra was VP of HR in 2009, one of her first decisions was to change the dress code from 12 pages to 2 words…’dress appropriately’. This article tells that story quite nicely. During this time of great crisis for GM, when companies look to control movements more tightly, Mary […]