Super Bowl – Team Alignment Starts in the Trenches

It’s Super Bowl time again. We at Orgametrics are tied intimately to team sports and how those examples fit so well into the business world. Last year, we wrote three articles about the Super Bowl, including this one about offensive lines and how those players demonstrate joint accountability. We wrote another one about how the […]

FORBES – Mental Resiliency from Stephen Curry

This interesting article from Forbes about building mental resiliency is a quick look at how Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors handles it. We all act and react differently under stress and being able to build resilience will help us, as leaders, be more impactful for our teams. How you handle stress translates into […]

Alignment Beats Talent When Talent Isn’t Aligned

The legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, had a famous quote, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” This quote tells me that a team with a lesser collection of talent can compete with and win if they work hard and believe themselves. I thought of this as my son was watching the movie Miracle […]

3 Key Ways March Madness Teams Teach Us About Our Own Organization

This year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament has been filled with a lot of surprises and great stories. One of the main themes from the last few weeks is that smaller schools – mid-major teams – can beat the big teams. More importantly, teams with talent and connectedness as a team will beat squads that rely […]

Did One Lineup Change Crush Alignment and Doom the Patriots in Super Bowl LII?

Malcolm Butler – cornerback of the New England Patriots, hero of Super Bowl XLIX when he intercepted a Seattle Seahawks pass at the end of the game, and starting defensive back that was on the field for 97.8% of defensive snaps during the 2017-18 season – didn’t play a single defensive snap in Super Bowl […]