Orgametrics Awards Colorado Springs School District 11 for Improvement Plans

Use of Orgametrics alignment data drives initiative by Colorado Springs School District 11 to improve its operations

colorado springs superintendant michael thomas receives award from art johnson ceo orgametrics
Orgametrics CEO Art Johnson (l) presents Dr. Michael Thomas, Superintendent of Colorado Springs School District 11, with the Orgametrics Award for outstanding momentum in organizational alignment.
(Note: photo taken prior to local social distancing guidelines.)

Outstanding Momentum

Organizational improvements don’t happen overnight. They take leadership drive and a determination to achieve, such as what’s occurring with the Colorado Springs School District 11, which is using Orgametrics alignment data to guide its future improvement efforts.

As the central school district for Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado Springs School District 11 serves nearly 30,000 diverse students through some 50 schools. When the district’s Superintendent, Dr. Michael Thomas, began in 2018, he knew the enormity and complexity of serving such a large and wide swath of students. He also knew he needed to get up to speed, quickly, on his district’s inherent strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Commissioning an Orgametrics alignment survey provided Dr. Thomas and his staff members with the important insights and analysis they needed to understand how and where the district was progressing, and what needed to be done differently to effect necessary changes. The Orgametrics survey revealed multiple opportunities for the district to improve its alignment across many measures.

Dr. Thomas and his team dove into the Orgametrics alignment data, and are now using it, in conjunction with community stakeholders, to establish a school district which fulfills their visions and goals. Critically, the Orgametrics data quickly revealed specific areas for additional leadership support and resources in the district – information which might have otherwise been delayed or gone undiscovered.

“I assumed the role of Superintendent of this district specifically to identify, address and remediate opportunities for improvement throughout the district,” Dr. Thomas said. “Thanks to out Orgametrics data and analysis, we are much further along in our efforts, and more rapidly, than we would have been without the support of Orgametrics. I’m grateful for their insight, support and recognition.”

The Orgametrics Process, which identifies areas of alignment and misalignment in organizations relative to their mission, vision and strategic plans, helps school districts improve educational outcomes. Orgametrics alignment data has been shown to help districts enhance student retention and reduce truancy, improve staff recruitment and retention, enhance parent and community interaction, and contribute to greater internal organizational enthusiasm.

“We believe that our Orgametrics alignment data and support is making a critical difference to the success of Colorado Springs School District 11,” said Art Johnson, CEO, Orgametrics. “Our data is giving Dr. Thomas and his leadership team the data they need to reinforce their strategy, optimize their structure, and fortify their culture, all to benefit the students, parents and citizens of Colorado Springs.”