Orgametrics Recognizes Des Moines School District for Performance Improvements

Des Moines School District receives Orgametrics Award for using Orgametrics alignment data to improve district performance in three key areas.

Orgametrics CEO Art Johnson (l) presents Des Moines School District Superintendent Tom Ahart and CFO Shashank Aurora with the Orgametrics Award for outstanding organizational alignment.
(Note: photo taken prior to local social distancing guidelines.)

Outstanding Alignment

Since first implementing the Orgametrics alignment survey in 2016, and using Orgametrics data to improve its operations, the Des Moines Public School District has achieved significant gains benefitting students, teachers and the entire community.

Under the direction of Dr. Thomas Ahart, Superintendent of Des Moines Public Schools, the district used Orgametrics alignment data to reveal key insights related to student, teacher and district performance. Based on these insights and guidance from Orgametrics consultants, the district implemented changes resulting in improvements in three key metrics: 1) student engagement; 2) student hopefulness; and 3) chronic absenteeism.

“Through our Orgametrics alignment data, our district team established new priorities around our areas of strength and needs, and created a better and stronger district for the benefit of our students, staff and community,” Dr. Ahart said. “We are thrilled with the results of our partnership with Orgametrics, and pleased to receive the Orgametrics Award.”

The Orgametrics Process, which identifies areas of alignment and misalignment in organizations relative to their mission, vision and strategic plans, helps school districts improve educational outcomes. Orgametrics alignment data has been shown to help districts enhance student retention and reduce truancy, improve staff recruitment and retention, enhance parent and community interaction, and contribute to greater internal organizational enthusiasm.

“In our four years of partnership, Dr. Ahart and his team have diligently applied Orgametrics alignment data to help students and staff maximize their potential for success, and contribute to a more vibrant Des Moines community,” said Art Johnson, CEO, Orgametrics. “Our work with Des Moines Public Schools is a prime example of a meaningful partnership between the public and private sectors.”