Podcasts – Aligned Communication, Creativity and Best Practices Defined

As part of our podcast series on defining the various constructs of alignment, this post has three separate podcasts which define aligned communciation, aligned creativity and aligned best practices. While all of the constructs of alignment connect with one another and need to be in harmony to have strong impact, these three constructs fit very […]

BUSINESS BACKER – 10 Proven Ways to Build Trust

We came across this infographic by Business Backer that resonated with us and wanted to share. One of the questions on our OrgametricsĀ® Assessment asks about the degree you trust leadership. Trust in leadership within an organization is critical for alignment and success. This infographic gets into some tactical things you can do to build […]

Technology Infrastructure Project Not Fulfilling Promise? Look to Misalignment and Leadership

CRM implementation. ERP system change. Collaboration tool initiative. All these are examples of large technology and operational projects that companies initiate to streamline their business, enhance processes and serve customers more effectively. Why does it seem as though these projects have a hard time realizing their potential? Poor alignment and a lack of leadership commitment […]

AFILA GROUP – Giving Leadership White Space

We’ve presented our alignment work to Afila Group members in the past and had solid discussions on how their sales, marketing and product executives can help align their organizations to mission and vision. They recently wrote a blog post about allowing creating white space in how you lead. It’s a good read. From an alignment […]

Inc. – 6 Leadership Skills you Should Practice Daily

This Inc article from April 2018 outlines 6 leadership skills you should practice daily for them to rave about you. We see these less as skills and more as philosophies or attitudes. The six listed are being able to: Display authenticity Value others as workers and human beings Grow your people Provide direction Share leadership […]

4 Ways Law Enforcement Leaders can Communicate Mission and Vision More Effectively

“We have strong communication in our organization. Our daily briefings discuss all our officers need to know.” Great, but is that communication tied to why you exist and how officers can and do live up to that? As we go through our OrgametricsĀ® Assessment results with our law enforcement clients, we pay specific attention to […]

Take these 3 Steps to Revive your Strategic Plan

You have a strategic plan. Does it sit in many drawers in offices? Does it not have the traction you thought it would when you led its creation? You are not the first, or last, organization that’s had a strategic plan not fully embraced and executed. That doesn’t mean the plan is horrible or can’t […]

4 Things to Consider when a Leader Leaves your District

Personnel changes within district leadership bring its fair share of anxiety, but also a lot of opportunity. When people leave a district, there are changes in dynamics that are similar to what happens on a college or high school sports team. Players on a team, no matter how much they care for and love each […]