Social Alignment Podcast – Misadventures in Staying in the Same Fishbowl

In our effort to address what is happening in our society today to aspects of organizational alignment we work on every day, we are posting monthly podcasts discussing various aspects of alignment and how we could implement them in our daily lives and collectively as a nation. In today’s episode, I include part of an […]

Podcast – Alignment to Mission and Vision Defined

In our first podcast going into the 9 constructs of organizational alignment, we look at how we define alignment to Mission and Vision. As opposed to our first episode defining organizational alignment, in general, this episode looks at concepts of missiona and vision as well as how you can, in practice, enhance how mission and […]

Podcast: Defining Organizational Alignment

Art was a sales executive that had held officer positions in other companies before he went to lead a sales territory for a large medical device company that had underperformed for a long time. Art used the lens of organizational alignment to see how he could turn around that region and have it act in […]

4 Differences between Employee Engagement and Alignment

Measuring employee engagement is a standard practice in organizations around the country. It was the evolution from employee satisfaction. Organizations wanted to learn not only if their people were satisfied with their job and employer, but whether they really wanted to do their job at a high level. The logic – people ‘engaged’ in their […]

4 Ways Law Enforcement Leaders can Communicate Mission and Vision More Effectively

“We have strong communication in our organization. Our daily briefings discuss all our officers need to know.” Great, but is that communication tied to why you exist and how officers can and do live up to that? As we go through our Orgametrics® Assessment results with our law enforcement clients, we pay specific attention to […]

These 8 Questions You are Asking are Really about Organizational Alignment

Good leaders, real leaders ask themselves tough questions about the state of their organizations. When they see something not going quite right, or if it’s going wrong, they search for the why. They even include looking at themselves as a potential cause. Leaders usually connect these questions to performance or culture, but they’re connecting them […]

When “Are we all Aligned” Doesn’t Mean Real Alignment

How many times has a meeting ended with the question similar to this. “Are we aligned? Do we know what we all need to do and by when?” Does the ‘affirmation’ that all in the room are on the same page with what to do denote alignment? What is agreed upon can be aligned with […]

How the Wells Fargo Scandal Relates to Decisions you Make Everyday

Wells Fargo’s banking arm has been immersed in scandal over the last several months because of decisions leadership and employees made with creating fake accounts to meet overly-ambitious sales goals. Many people, from sales leaders who complied and became complicit in the lie, to HR who didn’t look at the voluntary and involuntary attrition of salespeople […]