Podcast – How Prince’s Creativity Applies to Your Organization

Everyone has an artist that inspires them. This artist might have been a part of their growing up. They might be someone they’ve come to appreciate in adulthood. However it comes forth, such artists bring an awe in us relating to the creativity they’ve put forth to deliver such impactful works. For me, that person […]

Podcast – Misadventures in Aligned Product Development

I had the pleasure of talking with Jane Casto, CEO of Stir Creative Drive. Jane has been a product leader in such companies such as Ecolab, 3M and Imation. She now helps small and medious-sized companies become more aligned with their product development processes. She’s seen many companies that have leaned on one major product […]

Podcasts – Aligned Communication, Creativity and Best Practices Defined

As part of our podcast series on defining the various constructs of alignment, this post has three separate podcasts which define aligned communciation, aligned creativity and aligned best practices. While all of the constructs of alignment connect with one another and need to be in harmony to have strong impact, these three constructs fit very […]

What Does Creativity in Law Enforcement Mean and How Does it Drive Alignment?

We think of law enforcement agencies as organizations where strict adherance to procedures and policies. If that training and process are not followed, bad things can happen. With the law enforcement agencies we work with, they work very hard at this and communicate such tactical information continuously. However, creativity can have a real impact on […]

Build Creativity and Innovation by Blending Experts and Non-Experts

I came across a quote from author Bob Sutton that read, “At places where intense innovation happens, they often combine people who know a little with people who know too much. The tension between massive knowledge and fresh thinking can spark a fundamental breakthrough.” This statement got me thinking about how many organizations handle brainstorming, […]

AFILA GROUP – Giving Leadership White Space

We’ve presented our alignment work to Afila Group members in the past and had solid discussions on how their sales, marketing and product executives can help align their organizations to mission and vision. They recently wrote a blog post about allowing creating white space in how you lead. It’s a good read. From an alignment […]

Aligned Leaders and Organizations Foster Nobel-worthy Creativity

Frances Arnold was just named a co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on ‘directed evolution’. What Frances and her colleagues did was use standard evolutionary processes we’re all used to and accelerate that evolution to develop chemicals for the benefit of mankind. One of the more interesting aspects of this, […]

Employees Aren’t Valuing your Ideas Because you Aren’t Valuing Theirs

How many times have you been presented with a plan of action and knew from the start that it was doomed to failure? How many times have you been part of a planning team and, midway through the process, a person from outside the group brings something up that completely changes the way it needs […]

The Business Journals: How to encourage innovation among your employees

Mention the phrase “creativity” in the context of business organizations and many of us will probably equate it with “innovation” and think about companies like Apple, Google, Xerox or 3M. But organizational creativity is not just about high-profile innovations that lead to industry-disrupting products like iTunes. Nor is it the preserve of the company’s research […]