Podcast – Interview with Key Hubs CEO Vikas Narula on Informal Leaders and Networks

Vikas Narula, Founder and CEO of Key Hubs, focuses his energy on helping organizations understand who the influencers and informal leaders and how they can leverage that understanding to help communication and sell their mission, vision and strategic plans. The image above represents what his reports look like initially and then after work to strengthen […]

Podcasts – Aligned Communication, Creativity and Best Practices Defined

As part of our podcast series on defining the various constructs of alignment, this post has three separate podcasts which define aligned communciation, aligned creativity and aligned best practices. While all of the constructs of alignment connect with one another and need to be in harmony to have strong impact, these three constructs fit very […]

TURBINEHQ – Exploring Chemistry on Project Teams

Here is an interesting article from Turbine HQ about how to look at and set up project teams to enable their success. This article relates to organization alignment most notably in the comment of collecting diversity of thought and expertise under the auspices of a common goal. Project teams can flounder and miss their true […]

Can Aligned Organizations Have and Embrace Conflict? Oh, Yes!

In our society, conflict is usually seen as a bad thing. It’s argumentative, accusatory, uncomfortable, disrespectful. However, isn’t conflict a driver for sharper ideas, collaborative creativity and long-term success? As long as it’s respectful and used under the light of trying to make a situation better. Aligned organizations have to have conflict. Conflict identifies disconnects, […]

Aligned Communication is About Them, Not You

I had a wonderful conversation recently with a colleague about a document they were creating for a client. I wasn’t sure it was solid enough to support the client objective. It got me thinking about how aligned communication is more than sending a note out or making a mention of something and expecting it to […]

Looking at Minneapolis Police, EMS Staff and Ketamine

The Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a story about a report completed by the Minneapolis Police Office of Police Conduct Review regarding Minneapolis police officers suggesting to Hennepin Healthcare EMS workers they use the tranquilizer ketamine – the date rape drug – on suspects and other people. Sometimes, these people were handcuffed and even weren’t “profoundly agitated” […]

4 Ways Law Enforcement Leaders can Communicate Mission and Vision More Effectively

“We have strong communication in our organization. Our daily briefings discuss all our officers need to know.” Great, but is that communication tied to why you exist and how officers can and do live up to that? As we go through our Orgametrics® Assessment results with our law enforcement clients, we pay specific attention to […]