Podcast – Aligned Empowerment and Accountability Defined

Our last podcasts in the series defining the constructs of organizational alignment covers aligned empowerment and accountability. These two constructs are completely dependent on other constructs to improve for these areas to get better. Why’s that? Well, you just can’t go and say, “You are more empowered, or we’re going to hold each other more […]

Podcasts – Aligned Leadership, Teamwork and Development Defined

This post outlines three more of our Organizational Alignment Constructs Defined series within our podcast The Misadventures in Organizational Misalignment by addressing Aligned Teamwork, Leadership and Development. Just like our previous post on aligned communication, creativity and best practices, as well as the posts on Aligned Mission and Vision and Organizational Alignment Defined, we have […]

Addressing COVID-19 challenges among state and local governments

We came across a concise article from consulting company RSM on how state and local governments can prepare for what will possibly happen to budgets during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Decisions will need to be made on resourcing and serving citizens moving forward. A large number of state and local governments saw the impact […]

Complacency and Mediocrity Breeds Misalignment

One of the best college basketball coaches in history Don Meyer, has a quote that transcends sport. “Complacency is the forerunner of mediocrity. You can never work too hard on attitudes, effort and technique.” Think about how that quote can fit into your work life as well as in your relationships and how you, and […]

HBR – Uniting the Senior Team

This Harvard Business Review article discusses the misalignment that had set forth in the company Swisscom in 2016. Once a market leader, they were stuck between status quo and need for growth. Their leaders couldn’t agree on the proper path. Swisscom leaders were brought together to develop a plan forward and to have alignment with […]

FORBES – Setting Intentions vs. Goals

This is an interesting post about how successful people set detailed intentions versus goals. The post states that goals are either accomplished or not. Adding intentions with those goals allow for one to stay aligned with values and sets a focus on growth. Working towards greater organizational alignment is a process that has specific goals […]